Psychological Risk Assessments and Structured Interviews are an effective way of reducing the risk of psychological ill health for police officers and police staff in high risk roles.

A great deal of this work supports, feeds into and goes hand in hand with other live services under the National Police Wellbeing Service.

What we offer:

Structured Interview and Enhanced Structured Interview Training

A Structured Interview is an opportunity to clarify potential problems and identify suitable interventions such as counselling or further referral, or in some cases, signposting to information, advice or training.

Our Structured Interview Training Course is for Occupational Health professionals working within policing. This training will help guide them through the process to properly assess a person’s need for support and treatment.

Enhanced Structured Interview Training is also available to Occupational Health Professionals who wish to develop a more in-depth knowledge of the model. 

Watch our short animation below that explains what a structured interview is and the process officers and staff will follow:

Psychological Risk Assessments

Officers and police staff in high risk roles are assessed using a reliable and validated online questionnaire in order to protect those at high risk of psychological injury and distress.  It also allows for the creation of a benchmark against which it is possible to identify changes in psychological wellbeing.

The key features of the Psychological Risk Assessments are:

  • Re-visits of assessments for police officers and police staff.
  • Assessments for police officers and police staff in high risk roles. 

Availability and Booking

Between April 2020 and March 2021 the following work has been scheduled:

  • Six Structured Interview Training Courses;
  • 8,000 Psychological Risk Assessments, split between annual reviews and new assessments.

Forces will be invited to attend Structured Interview Training.

Dates and locations of training courses will be advertised on our Events page, through social media, our LinkedIn practitioner community and at National Police Wellbeing Service events.

More information on Psychological Risk Assessments and Structured Interview Training including FAQs can be found by clicking below: