The aim of this part of the National Police Wellbeing Service is to assist Police Officers and Police Staff who are at risk of, or are experiencing, mental ill-health and/or trauma related exposures, particularly those in high risk roles.

A great deal of this work supports, feeds into and goes hand in hand with other live services under the National Police Wellbeing Service such as Trauma Management and Leadership.

What we offer

  • Psychological Risk Assessment

The online psychological risk management assessment is a way of identifying where someone may be in need of help, particularly those in high risk roles.

The initial part of the assessment is a questionnaire which has been tried and tested across several police forces over the past 14 years.

The assessments are made available via Occupational Health Teams or services in each force. When someone completes an assessment, it is analysed by a clinician who will then be able to determine what further support, if any is required for that person.

It will then be determined whether that person either needs no further intervention or would benefit from a ‘structured interview’ or further psychological interventions or support.

We provide training for Occupational Health professionals how to effectively use the assessment and guidance is provided to assist with the identification of need for further assessment and/or treatment and support.

It is recommended that assessments are carried out annually to identify clinical conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and burnout.

This tool also used as part of the ‘ESTIP’ model developed under the Trauma Management area of our service.

  • Structured Interview training

Our Structured Interview (SI) training is for Occupational Health professionals to help them assess an individual’s need for further support or treatment following a Psychological Risk Assessment.

This is a one day training session that assists and guides Occupational Health professionals through the Structured Interview process.

Availability & Booking

Details of all training and events is made available in the Events section of the Oscar Kilo website – Forces will receive invitations to attend a workshops and booking onto the sessions can be done directly with the team member who sends the invitation, via the website or by emailing