Public health England and  Business in the Community have this month published the first ever sleep and recovery toolkit aimed at all employers which consolidates the best evidence, employer practice and aligned with the best freely available resources.

This toolkit provides practical information for all employers on how you can create an environment where employees understand the importance of sleep and recovery and are able to make healthier choices at work and at home.

Many of the points are simple to implement, supported by resources that are free or inexpensive. The crucial element is a commitment to support the health and wellbeing of the organisation by fostering an open and inclusive culture.

This toolkit has been informed by an evidence review produced by the Public Health England Library Team and the evidence was considered by a steering group made-up of practitioners, professionals and business experts. It also draws on the experience of employers who have taken steps to support sleep and recovery and signposts external organisations that offer advice and support to employers and employees.

The case studies in this toolkit have been sourced and written following consultation with experts working in the sleep sector and through the contribution of employers who are taking this topic seriously. They demonstrate a combination of employers sharing real-world examples of the initiatives they have trialled to support employees and personal stories from individuals who have experienced situations which have impacted on their sleep and work performance.

The toolkit can be downloaded here:

Sleep and Recovery Toolkit – Download