We are proud to announce the details of our first International Webinar which will take place on Tuesday 25 August at 8am New York, 1pm London and 10pm Sydney.

We have partnered up with TechUK and We Need Social to deliver this global webinar exploring the impact of technology in supporting the wellbeing of police officers around the world.

This is the first time we will be bringing together experts from across policing and academia from all over the world, to explore the impacts of technology on wellbeing throughout the pandemic.

We will look at what has worked well, and what hasn’t, and how we might learn from our collective experiences as we move forwards.

This webinar has been co-designed with our speakers, representatives from frontline policing and from the tech industry so that we can create an event that will be relevant and timely for everyone working within policing. It has also been shaped by the responses to our online survey, which has allowed us to gather insights from 600 police officers, staff and volunteers from around the world.

The event will include short inputs from our guest speakers, panel discussions and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Register to secure your place

This conference is aimed at individuals who work in policing, either front line officers or people who have role responsibility for wellbeing in their force. It’s also really important to us that delegates can take their learnings forward and cascade them locally. If you meet this criteria please secure your place by clicking on the link below. Places are limited so only register if you are able to join us on the day. We will be recording the event so you can watch it later if required.

If you work for any other emergency service or are interested in what we are doing we would love you to join us by watching the live stream, details of how to access this will be published nearer the event. Please note: You do not need to register to watch the live stream.

If you are interested in reading the survey results please click on the box below:

Our speakers and panel guests

Jeff Thompson PHD – United States of America

Jeff is currently conducting research at the New York State Psychiatric Institute at Columbia University Medical Center. He earned his Ph.D. while conducting research on the ability to build rapport and trust whilst displaying professionalism in conflict situations, he has a MS in Negotiation. Jeff has been published in peer-reviewed journals and also serves as reviewer. In the 2013/2014 academic year he was a Research Fellow at Columbia University conducting research on crisis negotiation with a sub-emphasis on negotiations during terrorist incidents. 

Jeff has more than 16 years of law enforcement experience including patrol, public information, community relations, training, and hostage negotiation. He was trained as a crisis negotiator by the FBI and NYPD. He is also a certified international mediator and trained arbitrator and ombudsman. Jeff is the coordinator of the police officer suicide/crisis project and overall officer mental health and wellness.

Currently, Jeff is the NYPD’s first-ever Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator. In this role he is conducting research and outreach on the department’s suicide prevention efforts, reducing the stigma associated with mental illness, and raising awareness of resources available to both police officers and the public.

Jeff has developed and conducted training in de-escalation, suicide prevention, crisis communication, and positive police community relations which has to date been taught to over 25,000 police officers. He has trained law enforcement personnel in crisis/hostage negotiation right across the world, and has also provided training in conflict resolution to both national and international professional audiences including the military, business executives, judges, attorneys, physicians, and other medical staff. He regularly gives guest lectures at universities and presents at professional and academic conferences as the keynote speaker and both plenary and workshop sessions.

Dr. Katy Kamkar, Ph.D., C. Psych – Canada

Katy provides evidence-based psychological assessment and treatment for mood and anxiety disorders, trauma and PTSD, occupational stress injuries and on psychological distress/stress/depression and anxiety in the workplace. Her clinical work focuses in particular on injured workers and first responders (Police officers, Firefighters, EMS professionals, 911/EMS Dispatchers, Active Military and Veterans). She also provides education/workshops to ministries and organisations (provincial, national and international) on workplace mental health, operational stress injuries, disability management and building resiliency (individual and organisational level). 

One of her greatest interests is to provide education to the public to promote mental health and wellbeing, reduce stigma attached to mental illness, and focus on prevention and early intervention. She has written numerous articles for various comprehensive public resources in particular on trauma and PTSD and has provided numerous public relations / TV media work, including launching mental health series, being a former health blogger for CTV Health News, for CP24 and CAMH and presently for Canadian Occupational Health and Safety and other public resources. You can watch some of Katy’s videos on her website.

She is on the Editorial Board, Section Trust, Journal of Community Safety and Wellbeing Journal CSWB. She was featured as Editor Spotlight – Journal of Community Safety and Wellbeing Nov Issue 2019.

Katy is a contributing author to peer-reviewed articles, presently working on workplace mental health and first responders. She was invited as the leading author – Chapter on Moral Injury in Law Enforcement, Book: POWER Police Officer Wellness, Ethics, and Resilience.

Katy’s current roles include:

  • Clinical Psychologist at the Work, Stress and Health Program / Psychological Trauma Program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).
  • Assistant Professor within the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto. 
  • Executive Director, Canadian Association of Fire Investigators (CAFI) & Regional Director, Ontario.
  • Board of Directors for – Badge of Life Canada (BOLC), Operation Lifesaver Canada (OL) & Canadian Juries Commission.
  • Fellow and Member of the Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety (CCJS) Advisory Council. 
  • Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) Chair-Elect, Traumatic Stress Section. 
  • Provincial Mental Health Advisor, St. John Ambulance Ontario’s Council. 

Grant Edwards – Australia

Grant is a former high-ranking AFP Commander with over 34 years of service protecting vulnerable people around the world. Former elite athlete, strongman competitor and entrant to the World’s Strongest Man competition, Grant is now a sought-after public speaker, author, and passionate mental health advocate helping to reshape the police force’s approach to mental health. He has recently joined Aspect Group as the head of Aspect Frontline, a program specifically created to support the mental health of police and first responders. He’s on a mission to remove the stigma of mental health, not just in policing but society-wide.

In 2017, Grant’s lived experience was featured on Australian Story. His 2019 memoir titled ‘The Strong Man’ was released in 2019.

After joining the Australian Federal Police AFP in 1985, Grant had a diverse career working across family law, international drug trafficking, major organised crime and people smuggling. 

He quickly rose through the ranks to Commander and personally established cybercrime units to fight child exploitation and human trafficking. He gained a reputation as a disciplined security advisor for governments around the world such as East Timor, Afghanistan and the Americas.

Most recently, he completed a three year posting to Washington DC as the AFP’s most senior officer in the Americas responsible for all law enforcement engagement with Canada, USA, Mexico, Central and South America. 

During that time, he hosted two global mental health symposiums for police bringing together experts from law enforcement, academia, policy and the medical profession across the world to identify and enhance a unified universal best practice for managing the mental health of police, family and retired members.

Grant holds a Masters degree in leadership, policy and governance studies (Charles Sturt University), a Bachelor of Arts (Australian National University) and have graduated from the FBI Law Enforcement Senior Executive Program.

He’s an accomplished sportsperson having represented Australia in Athletics, Bobsleigh and Scottish Highland Games. He’s competed across the world in Strongman events, including the 1999 World’s Strongest Man competition in Malta.

CC Andy Rhodes QPM – United Kingdom

Andy is the Chief Constable for Lancashire Constabulary and has 30 years policing experience in a range of areas covering investigations, firearms and counter terrorism. 

He is the National Police Chiefs Council, NPCC, lead for Wellbeing and Staff Engagement; developing local and national approaches to workforce resilience. 

Andy is passionate about wellbeing and he is the Service Director for Oscar Kilo – National Police Wellbeing Service.

Andy’s other roles include:

  • Chair of Chief Police Officer Staff Association
  • College of Policing Professional Community Chair for Organisational Development and International 
  • Chair of Trustees North West Police Benevolent Fund Registered Charity
  • NPCC lead for Frontline Review  

Garry Botterill – United Kingdom

Garry is the co-founder of Service Dogs UK a charity that provides specially trained assistance dogs, for serving or retired members of the armed forces and emergency services who have PTSD. He was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship which enabled him to research how assistance dogs helped veterans abroad, bringing back knowledge to the UK to develop Service Dogs UK to provide huge benefits for those who have served.

He also co created, with Judith Broug, – ‘Backup Buddy UK‘ the mental health app for emergency services which allows officers and staff to find out more about the most common mental health issues they or their colleagues might face.

Garry is a Police Sergeant with over 26 years front line experience at Sussex Police. He has served six years in the Royal Navy and when he was based in Gibraltar he ran a Tri Service Martial Arts Club.

He has policed government conferences in Brighton and Bournmouth, G8 conferences in Scotland, Ireland and Wales, riots in London and terrorist actions in Sussex and London. He was Team Leader for the body recovery team in the immediate aftermath of the Shoreham Air Disaster.

Garry is Sussex armed forces champion, a mental health champion and a mental health first aider.

His is now on secondment to the Sussex and Surrey Police Wellbeing Team where he continues to promote the Backup Buddy app and is doing his utmost to provide better mental health and wellbeing provision for the people he is privileged to work with.

Julian David – United Kingdom

CEO of techUK, Vice-President of Digital Europe. Member of the UK Government’s Industry Cyber Growth Partnership and Digital Economy Council. Vice President for National Trade Associations at Digital Europe and Vice President for Europe at WITSA.

Julian oversaw the transformation of techUK from its predecessor Intellect, putting an increased focus on capturing the opportunity for growth and jobs which the tech industry offers in a global economy. He has led the development of a trusted, recognisable brand that represents the UK technology industry across Government, as well as promoting it internationally.

techUK has over 900 member companies encompassing the largest UK and international organisations and over 500 Small and Medium Sized businesses. In a real sense techUK companies represent the future of the UK economy. It is techUK’s and Julian’s mission to make the UK a great place for technology companies to start, grow and scale, and ensure that technology is applied to benefit UK businesses and people.

Julian has over 30 years’ experience working in the technology industry. He spent a large proportion of that time at the IBM Company in a variety of roles, most recently as Vice President of Public Sector for UK and Ireland. It was his time here that has driven his desire to help build a smarter, digitally transformed state that is more accessible and that meets the needs of all UK citizens. Before that and after leaving IBM he spent time working with SMEs tackling the challenge of helping them overcome the challenges and exploit the opportunities that digital technologies bring for smaller enterprises.

Julian is passionate about Education and Healthcare. He has been a governor at two schools and Chair of the External Advisory Panel for the master’s in information leadership course at City University and is currently a Member of the Board of the Health Innovation Network, the South London Academic Health Science Network.