We at Oscar Kilo, have worked with the NPCC, NPoCC, College of Policing, Police Federation, Police Staff Council, the CIPD and Trade Unions to produce updated HR guidance for police forces.

This new guidance was published on the Knowledge Hub and circulated to all forces on the 26th March. This information and all documents relating to Covid-19 are under the NCC Civil Contingencies Hub, located on the homepage, you will have to ask to join this. If you don’t have an account on Knowledge Hub you will need to create one first.

It focuses on the various scenarios and provides the most up to date guidance from an HR perspective around what you should do. These scenarios include:

  • If you are well and you have the ability to work from home
  • If you are well and you do not have the ability to work from home 
  • If you have to isolate yourself due to one of your immediate dependants/ co-habitees that you live with having COVID19 symptoms
  • If you have the symptoms of COVID-19,
  • If you are aged over 70 or fall into one of the categories of increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19

This guidance is in addition to the HR guidance entitled ‘Guidance to Police Forces re working time and sickness’ that have already been shared with forces.

The guidelines should be used by your force to shape your local HR response to ensure they are fit for purpose on a local level.