We have put together a calendar of national campaigns and awareness days to help you plan your wellbeing communications activities for the year ahead. Please get in touch if you know of an awareness event that isn’t included, by emailing contact@oscarkilo.org.uk

Don’t forget to include us on your mailing list if you are promoting your work and we will feature it on the site for you – either email us on the address above of submit your story directly via the website.

Tips for using awareness days

There are lots and lots of awareness days, weeks and months and so you should choose which ones mean the most to your organisation and that suit your activity the most closely.

Awareness events are a great opportunity to take part in well established conversations, particularly on social media, but bear in mind that the awareness day itself is not a story – but your activity to mark it should be.

You can use the calendar below to plan ahead so you can schedule beforehand, then be ready to engage both within your organisation and on digital channels on the day.

If you are using social media, remember to use any hashtags for the day, so your work can be found (and don’t forget to tag @oscarkilouk so we can share too!)