A #WeCops chat took place on Wednesday 6th December based around Austerity and Trauma in policing. The chat explored the significant effects that the last eight years of austerity has had on public services and what impact this has had on the staff themselves.

The first two questions discussed changes in demand, with greater exposure to work involving mental health and the final question asked how austerity had affected officers personally. This drew a whole range of answers from higher stress through to a general need for better quality leadership and greater autonomy and empowerment.

A blog by Inspector Gareth Stubbs on his site, The Thinking Blue Line sums up the chat and is definitely worth a read.

What is #WeCops?

Many of you by now will have heard of @WeCops, if not, it is a Twitter account which Tweetchats every couple of weeks on a Wednesday at 9pm via #WeCops and everybody is welcome to join and add value.

The @WeCops account is run by several volunteers with a variety of experience from a range of roles and are completely independent from any policing or any other body.

Their aim is to provide a professional space to role model discussions between peers to support the exchange of best practice resulting in delivery of excellent policing.

For more information about #wecops, visit: http://police.wecommunities.org/about