To coincide with World Mental Health Day 2019 we have worked with SM Hall Productions to produce a short film. 

We know policing is a high risk occupation and this film is a reminder to us all how important it is to support our staff and colleagues. There are lots of roles, like Martin’s, that can affect your mental health and sometimes it’s not obvious that people are suffering.

The National Police Wellbeing Service are supporting forces by giving practical advice and training in key areas such as psychological screening, peer support and individual resilience. You can find out more about our services here.

About this film

Martin a police officer for 14 years, works in the serious crime unit. Part of his role involves viewing indecent images of children. He has always been confident and competent in his role, but unbeknownst to him it was slowly eating away at his emotional and mental wellbeing.

Getting married and having two beautiful children was his greatest achievement but also changed everything, he wasn’t able to cope the same way he always had the ‘switch off’ wouldn’t work, the person he was had started to fall apart.

Many of the actors in this film are Police Officers and Police Staff who have experience in working in this area.