This element will include a range of activities designed to build the skills and abilities of line managers at all levels in police organisations, in relation to the monitoring and management of stress and psychological risk, the implementation of guidance, policies and procedures, and in relation to good quality people management more generally, with a view to enabling, facilitating and delivering wellbeing on a day to day basis.

Key aspects of the service are:
Materials for Line Management Development

Materials will be designed and provided for line management development programmes across the police service to ensure consistency of message. The materials will be co-designed by individuals with both practical and academic expertise in management, leadership, culture and wellbeing at work, in conjunction with The College of Policing, force leads for learning and development and police personnel, to ensure strategic fit with existing programmes. These materials will incorporate the latest evidence on what works and will also incorporate findings and guidance from the HR Policy Review Project, the Building Capability for Psychological Screening service, and the work in The College of Policing to develop guidelines for line managers in relation to wellbeing.

Workshops for Learning and Development Professionals

A series of regional workshops for learning and development professionals in police organisations will be delivered, to set out the business case for wellbeing and provide a focus on the line management skills needed to enable and facilitate wellbeing. These will be designed, delivered and facilitated by individuals with both practical and academic expertise in management, leadership, culture and wellbeing at work. Materials and approach will be based on the most up to date evidence on effective practice.

Leadership and Management for Wellbeing Workshops

A series of workshops on leadership and management for wellbeing will be delivered in conjunction with the College of Policing Membership team, with an open invite to all police officers and staff. These workshop will follow the format of other College workshops and will include input from senior officers and staff, and experienced professionals.

Oscar Kilo – Evidence, Guidance and Toolkits

The most up-to-date evidence, guidance and toolkits on the role of line managers in relation to wellbeing at work will all be made available to access on Oscar Kilo.

Service Availability & Booking

All Learning and Development leads will receive an official invitation to attend a workshop. Booking and any enquiries will initially be handled by emailing

Registering for the College Membership workshops will be via the College of Policing website

During phase 2 of the website development an online booking service will be available, allowing the freedom to book dates easily.