Our Wellbeing Leadership and Resilience area focuses on developing information and tools designed to support people at every level of the organisation in building wellbeing leadership skills and personal resilience. 

We want everyone, at every level to be able to access materials, tools and guidance that allows wellbeing to become part of daily business.

What we offer

Supervisor Wellbeing Tool and Training

Our Supervisor Wellbeing Tool and Training is available to all police officers and staff who are in a leadership or line management role.

This training has been developed to enable line managers to recognise the nature and causes of traumatic stress so they can recognise the main symptoms of trauma in others.

It provides an introduction to demobilising and defusing, helping leaders deal with the impact of trauma, on their teams, following a traumatic incident. Delegates will also be introduced to the benefits of Peer Support for Wellbeing.

Individuals will be trained to use a simple stress management tool which will help them identify personal and organisational stressors within their teams.  

How it works

It is a one-day, online course providing training in a simple stress management tool which can be used to identify both personal and organisational stressors in teams.

The main tool incorporates an enhanced version of the Health and Safety Executive Stress Management Standards allowing line managers to be able to recognise the nature and causes of traumatic stress and be able to identify the main symptoms of trauma.


If you are interested in finding out more, then please contact us via email 

Front Line Resilience Training

This training is currently being run as a pilot with new and existing Tutor Constables with approval from their force Learning and Development lead. On completion of the pilot the training sessions will be made available to learning and development teams in forces.

Learning and development leads will be encouraged to roll out the developed training more widely to front line officers and staff. 

Before attending the one day interactive workshop, attendees will receive a personal report after completing a pre-course questionnaire on wellbeing.

The workshops will investigate practical ways for Tutor Constables to build and maintain their own resilience and how to support the people they work with.

Post training they will have access to a mobile digital coach, enabling them to set habits, track progress and interact with one another about the training.

Working with Tutor Constables will help build a stronger more resilient workforce for the future.  Providing the same training to force trainers gives the remainder of the workforce the opportunity to develop their resilience, thus making the workforce better equipped to deal with and manage the pressures of modern day policing.

Performance Motivation workshops

Performance Motivation is delivered as a combination of webinar workshops which last around 90 minutes and face to face Leading Self workshops which are held with forces by invitation.

During these sessions delegates will explore six different topic areas: Respect, Clarity, Strengths, Praise, Growth and Empowerment, and learn about more ways to enhance their performance and wellbeing culture of their teams and forces.

For more details on how is training is delivered to managers and leaders visit our Leadership page.

Availability and booking

Details of all the training and workshops will be made available on our Events page.

Forces will receive invitations to attend a workshops. Booking onto the sessions can be done directly with the team member who sends the invitation, via the website or by emailing contact@oscarkilo.org.uk