The aim of this part of the National Police Wellbeing Service is to offer an opportunity to forces to help build the personal resilience of all their officers and staff.

What we offer

  • Train the Trainer sessions following the PERMA model

Dr. Seligman’s PERMA™ theory of wellbeing is internationally renowned, and aims to answer the fundamental question of what enables a human to flourish. There are five building blocks that enable flourishing – Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment (hence PERMA™). (Penn State University 2019)

The National Police Wellbeing Service are working with positive psychology specialists, to deliver classroom based train-the-trainer sessions based on the PERMA model which will allow them to go on and deliver further training and roll this out across their own forces.

We set up regional workshops to try and make them as accessible as possible for all forces.

Who the training is for

This would benefit anyone at any level in force as long as they have the ability to take this back into their organisation and cascade the training to the maximum number of staff possible.

Everyone who attends is given ‘train-the-trainer’ input and is given a PERMA conversation mat, a pack of PERMA discussion cards and all the tools required to deliver this back in force and we will provide continued support around the PERMA model and delivery

Because we want this to reach as many people as possible, we ask that when this is taken back to force that one session per month is delivered and that around 10 – 15 people should attend each of those sessions.

We encourage anyone who attends the training to ensure that the encouragement and support is there from their force to allow officers and staff to attend and take part in the training sessions.

  • MindFit Cop – Online Mindfulness Training

Policing is hugely demanding. Officers and staff are frequently exposed to things that most people will never experience. Mindfulness training offers us tools to help deal with these pressures and with the reality of policing today.

MindFit Cop was developed by a serving Police Inspector and a leading mindfulness expert.

It is an 8 week online mindfulness course has been designed by police, for police, and is available to all police personnel via Oscar Kilo, free of charge.

Each week there is one lesson to complete, and some practice, which will collectively take up less than one hour of your time per week.

There is much research to show that mindfulness can help us to improve our wellbeing and build individual resilience to help us to cope with day to day stress and pressure in a more positive and effective way.

An initial evaluation of this Mindfit Cop course, which was carried out in March 2019, showed that people completing the course reported higher average wellbeing, life satisfaction, resilience and self-assessed work performance than people who didn’t.


Who the training is for

This course is for anyone working within policing and even wider emergency services. You will be able to access this course for free, via Oscar Kilo ( and work through it at your own pace, although we would recommend that you complete it within the 8 weeks allocated to get the best results.

Availability and booking

Details of all the events will be made available in the Events section of the Oscar Kilo website – Forces will receive invitations to attend a workshops. Booking onto the sessions can be done directly with the team member who sends the invitation, via the website or by emailing

For MindFit Cop there is no need to book – just head to the Oscar Kilo website, sign up and you are free to use the online training however you wish.