We are excited to bring you the second series of the Keeping the Peace podcast style interviews with Alexis Powell-Howard from Fortis Therapy and Training. 

This series focusses on the impact of policing on officers and staff – how and why they do their roles and the impact the work can have on them. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to take part.

Series 2 – Episode 3 – Firearms 

Steve Hartshorn and Barry Calder

This conversation gives a fascinating insight in to the world of armed officers, the challenges of using firearms in policing, the teamwork, the de-briefs, ways of coping and the impact of having to potentially take a life.  In this candid conversation we hear about the importance of keeping mentally well in what can be a very difficult job and the potential for trauma.  

Series 2 – Episode 4 – Force Control Room

Tracey Whelan and Mike Gibbs

This insight into the world of the control room from Tracey and Mike, shows how challenging this role can be.  Receiving 999 calls and then dispatching units, never knowing what calls will be for or what is happening when they take the call, they have to rely solely on verbal communication, asking the right questions, listening to people, being calm under pressure, preparing for the unexpected and sometimes being in a ‘no win’ situation whilst processing distressing information…..and then taking the next call.  In this conversation we cover all of the above and their own personal experiences.

Series 2 – Episode 5 – Family Liaison Officers 

Kate Kieran and Lou Pye

The Force Liaison Officer (FLO) role is a challenging one and is a far cry from how it is portrayed on TV series.  Whilst being involved in the investigation of crimes/accidents, managing difficult situations and being robust in their investigation, the FLO has to strike the balance with forming and maintaining relationships to support family members who may be in shock, disbelief and grief and in an ongoing investigation.  Kate and Lou are very experienced in working in this area of policing and share their insights, the challenges and their perspectives.

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Protecting Vulnerable People Unit 

DC Nat HOLDEN – Child Protection Officer
DC Lesley PRENDERGAST – Domestic Abuse Officer

Working in the PVP unit investigating crime against children and young people is something that most people would probably want to avoid.  In this conversation we hear how Natalie and Les feel about the work they do, the impact on them, managing the balance of work and home, and keeping mentally well. 


Series 1 and the first two episodes of Series 2 are available on our Interview and Podcast page