This GBSF checklist will help you to check and monitor your food service provision against GBSF standards. Central government procurers directly, or through their catering contractors, are required to apply these GBSF. Others are encouraged to follow it.

It includes a set of minimum mandatory standards for inclusion in tender specifications and contract performance conditions. It also includes some best practice standards that are recommended but not required.

GBSF is part of the Department for Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) ‘Plan for Public Procurement: Food and Catering’ that includes a toolkit containing the GBSF criteria provided in the checklist below and the ‘balanced scorecard for public food procurement’ (a simple and visual tool for implementing the requirements of the GBSF).

In terms of contract, once your specification is tight, the checklist can be used as a separate appendix, which will include something to the effect of:

• “The supplier to ensure that they meet the requirements below. The [body/trust/local authority etc] will from time to time update the list in accordance with regulation number… and agree in writing with the supplier that the supplier can meet these additional requirements if any”

• “Additionally, from time to time [mention regularity] the [body/trust/local authority etc] will audit the supplier to ensure that GBSF are applied appropriately as part of their supplier management”

Access the full checklist here