The first ever Police Resilience Symposium was held at the end of September 2020, co-hosted by the NYPD’s Health and Wellness Section along with Columbia University Department of Psychiatry’s Molecular Imaging and Neuropathology Research Area.

The purpose of the event was to send out a message of inclusiveness and enhancing resilience based on research, innovative initiatives, and established programs. Key to the inclusiveness theme was ensuring the event was accessible to all regardless of geographic location and funding factors.

By making the event completely free of charge and holding it virtually via Zoom, more than 3,100 people from 32 countries joined. There were over 40 speakers from seven countries presenting the sessions, ranging from expert researchers, international trainers and educators, police leaders, and best-selling authors.

If you missed this event and want to catch up, the sessions are now online. You can view them on the Resilience Symposium You Tube channel below.


The organisers are planning to post new monthly video discussions about resilience on You Tube, their website, and on Twitter at @ResilienceSymp. These monthly events will include the latest research, emerging practices, and evidenced-based techniques for everyone (not just policing) to enhance their resilience and overall wellbeing.

Lessons learned from the event are already being implemented. The NYPD, once again in collaboration with Columbia U. Medical Center, has launched a one day resilience training course for their newest police officers which is now being offered to just over 1000 recruits.

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