Police Officers and staff face confrontation and aggression on a regularly basis, particularly those serving in front line roles but being physically assaulted is not something we should accept as ‘part of the job’.

All assaults, regardless of severity have an impact of some kind, some more obvious than others. Consider the impact on the victim and their colleagues, on repeat victims, their families and our profession. This goes for both physical and psychological issues. 

We cannot overlook the fact that the impact of being assaulted is sometimes more damaging than the actual injury in an individual. We are all human beings with our own levels of physical and mental resilience. Our own experiences that help consciously and unconsciously form how we react. The factors to how we react to something are complex and sometimes take time to manifest or resolve.

Through Op Hampshire we are committed to changing the culture in support of our officers and staff by considering the impact and reacting accordingly to the individual’s needs.

Op Hampshire does not suggest implementing special measures for Police victims. It simply provides a structure to ensure that we get the basics right for our colleagues as the people who serve and protect the public. It is about getting you the support you deserve.

In doing that we want to make sure:

  • The impact of every assault is considered regardless of injury
  • Assaulted officers and staff are victims will be taken seriously
  • Demonstration of effective and meaningful leadership for each case
  • Thorough investigation with justice being pursued
  • Longer term wellbeing and support are is considered
  • Setting and meeting high standards of victim care
  • We learn and continue improve our response for our colleagues

The wellbeing of our colleagues both officers and staff is our priority. There has never been a greater opportunity or need to address this issue and to actually make a change to the way we see our colleagues as victims in the longer term to provide them with the support and justice they deserve.