Op Hampshire is a national project providing a comprehensive response to police assaults incorporating the key themes of supervision, wellbeing, communication, investigation and criminal justice. It has been developed in response to a number of recommendations from the Officer and Staff Safety Review (OSSR) which was published in September 2020.

In October 2020 Chief Inspector Dave Brewster was seconded to the College of Policing from the Metropolitan Police Service to begin work on the national Operation Hampshire project working within the Organisational Development and Peer Support Team.

The vision is to achieve a more consistent approach across the UK with all forces adopting similar processes in their response to assaults. The project has the full backing of the National Police Chiefs Council, the Police Federation of England and Wales, Unison and the Public and Commercial Services Union.

Peer Network

Operation Hampshire Peer Network has been set up to discuss and share best practise. To date there are 45 forces involved and the monthly meetings have been well attended, showing a clear commitment from forces to adopt this for their officers and staff.

Each meeting addresses a specific area for development such as improving local delivery and communication. In addition a range of guidance materials and practical resources are being developed to help forces build on their strategies and activities, to adopt and benefit from the organisational learning across the country.

An important piece of work the team have been looking at is benefits realisation. By clearly mapping out the drivers, outputs and potential outcomes, it has helped to demonstrate the broad reach Op Hampshire has within wellbeing, victim care, criminal justice and staff confidence. This emphasises the importance of having senior level organisational commitment, a sound strategy, clear processes and the ability to check how well those processes are delivered for the individual.

The wellbeing of our colleagues, both officers and staff is our priority. There has never been a greater opportunity or need to address this issue and to actually make a change to the way we see our colleagues as victims in the longer term and to provide them with the support and justice they deserve.