This morning, Chief Inspector Dave Brewster, of the National Police Wellbeing Service appeared on ‘Crimewatch Live’ to discuss the national roll out of ‘Operation Hampshire’

Operation Hampshire is a programme of work that provides a strategy, processes and guidance to help us respond more effectively to assaults on police officers and staff.

Dave appeared on the show to discuss the wider issue of police assaults and the impact that it can have with presenter, Rav Wilding.

If you missed the programme, you can catch it on BBC iPlayer until 10:45am tomorrow (Saturday 18 Sept) using the link below

Picture of Chief Inspector Dave Brewster on the left with presenter Rav Wilding on the right in the Crimewatch Live Studio
Chief Inspector Dave Brewster (left) with Crimewatch Live presenter, Rav Wilding (right) (Photo credit: BBC)