Demoralised & often despised by the public – why police need our support

TV personality Nick Knowles has given his support for police wellbeing in a new article published in the Daily Express. In the article he writes…

A YEAR ago I found myself chatting to a Police Detective. Third generation of her family in the service but leaving on mental health grounds.

“Everyone hates the Police” she stated. I laughed and said that’s plainly not true, it’s just something people say, but she insisted.

“When we arrest criminals they’re angry and abusive of course and we only deal with the public to give them bad news so they’re often angry and disappointed in us”.

The silent majority are supportive I insisted but she couldn’t be shifted so I mentioned it on social media and the response was absolutely extraordinary… What about Hillsborough?…Police just pushing a Government agenda…Nothing better to do then stupid speeding tickets…

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