Mental health is an integral part of how we feel about our jobs, how well we perform and how well we interact with colleagues, and the public. With 1 in 6 employees currently experiencing mental health problems, mental health is an essential concern. There is a strong relationship between levels of staff wellbeing and motivation and performance. Taking a positive, proactive approach to mental health at work can help you grow your staff and your organisation.

There has been a lot written about how to tackle mental ill health and promote wellbeing in the workplace. This toolkit, developed by Business in the Community in association with Public Health England, will make knowing how to act simple; it will help you pick out the best free resources that are most useful to you and your team, and help you develop an approach that fits the needs of your staff and organisation. Every organisation has an opportunity to support and develop a mentally healthy workforce and thankfully it doesn’t need to be complicated – this toolkit will help you understand and act, step by step.

Business in the community – mental health – toolkit for employers