During the past 12 months many of you will have had the opportunity to join one of our online Individual Resilience Check-ins.

The interactive nature of these sessions created a positive peer learning platform for you to share your insights and experiences, developing skills to support your wellbeing and resilience.

The sessions led by Bailey and French are based around the PERMA model and we are delighted to announce six new sessions to explore the building blocks of PERMA in more depth.

What is PERMA?

Dr. Seligman’s PERMA™ theory of wellbeing is internationally renowned, and aims to answer the fundamental question of what enables a human to flourish. There are five building blocks that enable flourishing – Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment (hence PERMA™). (Penn State University 2019)

The sessions

Cultivating Positive Emotions: This session has now taken place

During the workshop we explore the benefits of experiencing more positive emotions and identifying practical ways to harness these benefits for ourselves, our team and the organisation Looking at positive emotions beyond the idea of ‘happiness’ – we discuss how experiencing Positive Emotions can open up our field of vision, helping us to be more creative and productive at work.                

Increasing Engagement – Monday 8 March: 12noon – 1pm

This workshop focuses on discovering some of our ‘strengths’ – things we excel at and are energised by. We also explore the concept of ‘flow’ and how it relates to strengths and engagement. Throughout the workshop, we identify and share actions we can take to help ourselves and others play to strengths more often and use our time and energy effectively.                

Developing Relationships – Thursday 11 March – 10am – 11am

This workshop equips people with the knowledge and skills to be able to build High Quality Connections with colleagues, to enhance wellbeing, resilience, performance and collaboration for all into the future. It focuses on the challenges and opportunities inherent in the journey of returning to work.                     

Creating Meaning – Tuesday 23 March – 10am – 11am

During this workshop we reflect on the importance of meaning in our lives and work and identifying ways we can create more meaning and purpose for ourselves and others. We explore how individuals can have different types of meaning at work, and how these relate to the meaning of our organisation.

Boosting Accomplishment – Thursday 25 March – 10am – 11am

During this workshop people explore the benefits of a growth mindset, and how this can be developed to increase our sense of achievement and success. We further uncover the beliefs and mindsets that we can have around accomplishment and look at practical ways to achieve our goals more effectively.              

Building Resilience – Tuesday 30 March – 10am – 11am

This workshop helps people develop a deeper understanding of resilience and how it connects to mental and physical wellbeing. We explore how fostering different elements of Positive Wellbeing can help us be naturally more resilient at work and develop a bank of tips that can be shared.

The technical stuff

The sessions will be run using Microsoft Teams. 

If you are attempting to join the webinar from a Force computer and are having problems accessing Microsoft Teams we would recommend using a personal device (laptop, phone or iPad) so that you can access the session.