These sessions have now taken place, but we have future sessions planned so keep an eye on our website for full details.

During the first and second national lockdown, we held Individual Resilience Check-ins, facilitated by Bailey and French. These online sessions came at a time when work was changing, and whatever our roles, we were all dealing with varying amounts of fear, loss and isolation. As we face another national lockdown and continue to experience the darker winter months, with many people experiencing isolation, the need to support our resilience is greater than ever.

To recognise these challenges, the National Police Wellbeing Service has funded these sessions to offer you the opportunity to access a FREE one hour Online Individual Resilience Check-in. 

People who joined our previous workshops told us they found them uplifting – they enjoyed talking and sharing with others and learning tips as to how to overcome challenges and feel more resilient.

Overall, the feedback we received was really positive and many of you asked if we would be running more. 

Great news – more sessions are on the way!

We have collaborated with Bailey & French to organise three extra sessions to be held during the third lockdown. During these sessions we will talk about things that may be impacting you at the moment such as Covid-19 and working from home. The first session on Monday the 18 January and second session on Monday 25 January have now taken place. In both of these sessions attendees had a marked increase in optimism. Here is some of the feedback we received:

  • Definitely feeling more positive now!
  • Really good start to the week. such supportive comments with great ideas. Thanks
  • Thank you for today, it’s reassuring that others are feeling the same
  • Thank you very much for this boost this morning
  • Thank you for this – it was useful and I did increase my positivity score

The third and final session on Monday 1 February.

As we all go through winter with the added challenges that a lockdown will bring, it’s really important that we build up our own resilience to help us face the months ahead.

During these virtual workshops you will join fellow police officers and staff from across the UK to have meaningful communication, and recognise that we may feel the same or similarly as each other.

You will have the opportunity to share your experience and defuse through discussion, with peers who you may or may not know. The session is a whole group discussion led by Bailey and French, with individuals having the opportunity to share their experiences, if they feel comfortable using the chat function. People can leave the session feeling uplifted in facing this lockdown and beyond with optimism and resilience.

How do I join?

The Individual Resilience Check-ins are open to everyone across UK forces. 

These sessions have now taken place.

The technical stuff

The sessions will be run using Microsoft Teams. 

If you are attempting to join the webinar from a Force computer and are having problems accessing Microsoft Teams we would recommend using a personal device (laptop, phone or iPad) so that you can access the session.