I am pleased to announce after months of preparation this March we have finally launched the Improving Met Wellbeing Survey which follows Public Health England’s Health Needs Assessment (HNA) Framework.

As one of the UK’s largest forces the Met has unique health needs as a population and through following Public Health England’s (PHE) framework we can start to take a longer term strategic view of the health needs of that population, our people, and develop sustainable and fit for purpose support provision for the future. Our people are also members of the public and part of society.

Given we spend so much of our lives in the workplace it is essential we try to get this right as the work environment has so much to contribute to improving a person’s health. Once we have gathered all of our data we can analyse health trends, identify gaps, assess provision then work on improving our workplace health offering through a three year strategy. I have listed a few Q and As’ for those not familiar with the concept of a HNA.

What is a Health Needs Assessment?

A Health Needs Assessment (HNA) describes the process of gathering information on a specific population, in this case the whole of the Met, in order to decide where to invest to improve health and wellbeing.

It sets a baseline of employee health to allow us to gauge if health and wellbeing support systems are being effective and help shape future services.

Why are we carrying out a Health Needs Assessment?

This is the first time the Met has carried out a Health Needs Assessment. The assessment is a commitment from Management Board to make improvements around staff feeling supported.

The results and analysis will be woven into the Met health and wellbeing strategy. The strategy will be launched in summer 2018 setting out a progressive plan of services and activities which build on and enhance existing workplace health, safety and wellbeing mediums.

The survey is being run by HR and OH and is supported by the Commissioner.

How does it work?

The HNA involves conducting a short online survey of Met officers and staff over a three week period. The survey is completely anonymous.


For more information please contact Mr Eleck Dodson Head of MPS Occupational Health at eleck.dodson@met.pnn.police.uk