As the Wellbeing and Trauma Support Dogs go about their work we have been gathering feedback see what a difference they are making…

“She was a welcome distraction from the pressures of my role. Her persuasive manner leaves officers with no choice other than to take a welfare break. An excellent ice breaker and conversation starter” 

“Having a dog around does a great deal for morale and mental health. When you are having a bad day at work just taking the time to pet her and take your mind off work makes you feel so much better. Holly is a delight, the positives of having her around are immeasurable”.

“Happiness, just a little break in the day to be able to have a cuddle with a dog and forget about the stress of the day…” 

“Jacky and Henley attended as part of an incident de-brief, this was to provide additional support as the incident was traumatic, a female jumped off  the top floor of a block of flats, in the presence of officers. People love dogs and I know Jacky has Henley working alongside her, this is why I asked them both to attend. Henley lightened the mood and was a happy distraction to the trauma being discussed. Jacky also took Henley up to the ICR office and all officer’s got to have Henley hugs!”

“I will not lie, I was sceptical when he was booked by the DS, however as a result I can fully see and appreciate how some ‘canine therapy’ lifts us up, it certainly did me.”

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Mike and PD Dexter for coming out yesterday especially at short notice. The team were talking about it all day and it really lifted spirits. As well as the positives of being able to play with Dexter (who is the happiest dog ever!) it also started a really good conversation regarding mental well-being and how we can look after ourselves and others.” 

“I came away feeling totally relaxed and had completely switched off from the stress”

“…without realising it I was telling him all my problems. I speak with Darren regularly now and got the help I needed with his encouragement and support but I want to thank Stanley (Wellbeing Dog), he is the one that made it easier for me to seek help”.