The Leadership for Wellbeing live service has been designed and developed for all leaders and line managers in policing, both officers and staff.

We want everyone at every level of management, to be able to access the latest business case and evidence to ensure that wellbeing becomes part of daily business – not an extra or an add on.

What we offer

Supervisor Wellbeing Tool and Training

This training has been developed to enable line managers to recognise the nature and causes of traumatic stress so they can recognise the main symptoms of trauma in others.

It provides an introduction to demobilising and defusing, helping leaders deal with the impact of trauma, on their teams, following a traumatic incident. Delegates will also be introduced to the benefits of Peer Support for Wellbeing.

During the two day course individuals will be trained to use a simple stress management tool which will help them identify personal and organisational stressors within their teams.  They will also study an enhanced version of the Health and Safety Executives Stress Management Standards.

Resilience and Performance Workshops

These targeted workshops have been developed for Senior Leaders and will be offered to all Chief Officer Teams.

They focus on improving team work and developing individual resilience, wellbeing and performance which will benefit the whole organisation.

Being able to manage their own resilience will enable leaders to take steps to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue in their staff, reducing sickness through stress and anxiety, and providing the public with a more compassionate and effective, thriving workforce.

Leading Self Workshops

These workshops have also been developed for Senior Leaders and will be offered to all Chief Officers Teams. They follow on from the Resilience and Performance Workshops.

Developed to identify strengths and weaknesses in themselves, attendees will explore where these are overplayed and identify where effective collaboration can maximise team strengths.

Both these workshops have been designed using positive psychology and follow the PERMA model. Find out more about PERMA in our Individual Resilience live service.

Availability and booking

Details of all the events will be made available on our Events page.

All forces will receive invitations to attend a workshops. Booking onto the sessions can be done directly with the team member who sends the invitation, via the website or by emailing