We are slowly starting to re-introduce and reschedule some of our training and events for 2021.

Better Sleep Webinars

We have teamed up with the Sleep Scientist – Dr Sophie Bostock, to host a series of ‘Better Sleep’ webinars aimed at supporting police officers, staff and volunteers with fatigue and sleep problems. For full details and to book please use the link below.

Individual Resilience Check-ins

Due to demand we have funded three more FREE one hour Individual Resilience sessions to be held during this third lockdown. Each session will touch on an area that may be impacting people at the moment.

On Monday the 18 January we will consider how we are feeling and if this time of the year is having an impact on our mood. On Monday 25 January we will look at the effects of Covid on our resilience and on Monday 1 February we will consider the impact of home working.

Find out more and register below.

Structured Interview Training

We have three online Structured Interview courses being held on 10, 15 and 24 FebruaryThese courses are for Occupational Health Practitioners only. If you wish to know more or would like to secure a place email contact@oscarkilo.org

Performance Motivation for Leaders

These targeted workshops have been developed for Senior Leaders and will be offered to all Chief Officer Teams.

They focus on improving team work and developing individual resilience, wellbeing and performance which will benefit the whole organisation.

Being able to manage their own resilience will enable leaders to take steps to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue in their staff, reducing sickness through stress and anxiety, and providing the public with a more compassionate and effective, thriving workforce.

If more information please email contact@oscarkilo.org.uk

Peer Support Training

This training package is based on our OK Peer Support for Wellbeing model and has been designed specifically for those operating in emergency services environments. Primarily the online training is aimed at Police Officers and Police Staff who are, or will be, the designated Peer Support Co-ordinator lead in their force, for onward delivery to their Peer Supporters. The training, which has been has been split into ‘bite size’ modules includes:

  • What is Peer Support?
  • Communication and Supportive relationships
  • Stigma and non-clinician conditions
  • 3 Mental health modules.

This training is now available to all forces. If you wish to enquire about the online course please contact the team at: contact@oscarkilo.org.uk.

We will continue to update this page regularly to keep you up to date with all our training courses and events.

For more information about our services and what we offer visit ‘Our Services’ page.

Any questions about training please email contact@oscarkilo.org.uk