This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Over recent years we have been working tirelessly to ensure UK policing is equipped to support and help officers and staff at their time of need.

We have been at the forefront of research on police wellbeing, working to build up our knowledge to fully understand the policing landscape and the current working environment our officers and staff find themselves challenged with.

We have been fortunate to work with some of the finest minds in the field, such as Prof Sir Cary Cooper, Prof Dame Carol Black, Dr Jessica Miller and Dr Noreen Tehrani. Further, with the full support of the NPCC, in particular CC Andy Rhodes, we have conceived, developed and created a Centre of Excellence for Wellbeing (Oscar Kilo).

On Oscar Kilo you can find sector specific educational guidance on issues such as Resilience, PTSD and Psychological Risk; including information addressing some of our highest risk roles (EG OCAIT).

Setting standards for policing is a critical piece of our ongoing work, as well as engaging with our workforce to make sure we are getting this right.

We acknowledge we have lots to do and our message is positive.

The National Police Wellbeing Service is now live and we have an excellent team dedicated to ensuring this places us well to ensure that when our officers and staff ask for help, it is there for them; and of a world-class standard.

Take the time to have a look round the Oscar Kilo site and see for yourself our range of dedicated resources. As always, we strive to continuously improve what is already a tremendous network of like-minded practitioners from around the world.

Contribute, look out for each other, and most importantly stay physically and psychologically safe.