We have teamed up with the Sleep Scientist – Dr Sophie Bostock, to create a series of ‘Better Sleep’ webinars aimed at supporting police officers, staff and volunteers with fatigue and sleep problems.

The results from our first ever national police wellbeing survey in 2019, told us very clearly that fatigue is a big issue within policing. It identified that 45% of police officers and 30% of police staff reported sleeping less than six hours per night very often or all of the time and that people working shifts experience poor sleep quality more frequently with 27% of police officers and 25% of police staff reporting disturbed sleep.

We do a tough job, and working for the police – especially if you are a shift worker – means that your sleep patterns are vulnerable to all sorts of challenges. These webinars will help you to learn and practice strategies to improve the quality of your rest, no matter how much, or how little, you get.

Access the webinar recordings

Recordings of the full series of webinars are now available on this website for anyone who works in UK Policing, we have also made available a downloadable workbook to accompany each session.

PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are only for anyone working in policing including Police Officers, Police Staff, Volunteers and PCSOs. To access these webinars you will need a password, this password is available from your local Wellbeing Team or by emailing contact@oscarkilo.org.uk