ADVENTURE 999 is a network of people who provide support, inspiration and opportunities for our Emergency Services to experience the positive benefits that adventure and personal challenge can have on our mental wellbeing.

Jamie’s Story

Jamie Ironmonger has served for 17 years as a Police Officer.

After experiencing stress, depression and PTSD, he turned to the mountains as a way of coping and healing.

He recognised that many other people throughout our Emergency Services and wider organisations suffer from the same issues, including his wife Natalie who is an Ambulance Medic.

In 2019 Jamie decided to climb Mt. Everest to raise awareness and empower others to seek help and talk!

In doing so, he supported the mental health charity ‘Mind’ and their Blue Light Programme raising over £11,000 for their Blue Light Helpline.

Whilst he was climbing the highest mountain in the world, he came up with the idea for ADVENTURE 999 which seeks to bring our Emergency Services together and create opportunities to just put our walking boots on and get outdoors and TALK.

What is ADVENTURE 999?

ADVENTURE 999 is dedicated to supporting the special people of our Emergency Services and other vital frontline and NHS services through adventure and personal challenge to increase and maintain a positive mental wellbeing. It offers an alternative way of dealing with the day-to-day stresses and strains of these highly demanding jobs.

With their flagship expedition to Everest Base Camp planned for May/June 2020, the team is beginning to grow and there is a ‘buzzing’ interest as people are taking notice and asking, “What’s ‘ADVENTURE 999’ all about?”

Their motto “From Work Boots To Walking Boots” really does sum it up!  

Emergency Services workers are at a much greater risk of experiencing a mental health issue, yet they are far less likely to seek the support they need.

Embracing outdoor activities, from going on a simple walk, to embarking on an adventure or taking on a personal challenge, it can all have such a positive impact on mental health.

Being out on the trails or away in the mountains creates opportunities to talk openly in a safe and friendly environment without any pressure, but with mutual understanding.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to mentally reset and recharge, so they can return to their work and their families feeling physically and mentally revitalised, and ready to take on the challenges of the Frontline once again.

To get involved or find out more about Adventure 999 join their Facebook group