Bringing assessment, learning and conversation about wellbeing into one place

Our mission is to be the home of the evidence base and best practice for emergency services wellbeing.

We provide resources that can be used to not only help shape wellbeing provision, but also provoke debate and encourage collaboration and innovation.

Oscar Kilo has been initially funded by Public Health England and was created and designed to host the Blue Light Wellbeing Framework and bring together those who are responsible for wellbeing. It is a place to share learning and best practice from across emergency and blue light services so organisations can invest the very best into the wellbeing of their staff

It is the only place where you’ll be able to access the framework online, including the interactive self-assessment tool to keep track on where your organisation is up to and access discussion with peers around this critical area of business.

Initially adopted by the police service, both the Framework and Oscar Kilo online have been designed so all services can adopt and share the same approach – we want to cut across traditional organisational boundaries and empower us all to collaborate and improve our most valued asset – Our people.

A Culture Shift…

Wellbeing is often just perceived as a ‘nice to have’ or an ‘add-on’ and not something that is, or should be, part of daily business.

We are at the early stages of what needs to be a massive culture shift, not only for leadership and management to get better at addressing the issues affecting their workforce and investing in prevention, but in seeing a change in the way that our staff perceive and consider their own physical, mental and social wellbeing.

This resource and the supporting Framework are there to help facilitate this cultural shift and to support each organisation in their own endeavours to improve and enhance their wellbeing provision.

The Blue Light Framework

On the site you will find a members area with a login area where you can access the Blue Light Framework. In this section you will also be able to complete a self-assessment, monitor your own progress, access strategic and tactical planning templates and then request an online peer review.

It has been developed so far with the support of a small group of police forces, however, we want to emphasise that is a living site and we will always welcome feedback from users about how it works for them and what they need it to do. We will regularly review the use of the site and continuously strive to improve and innovate to make this an invaluable resource.

Looking to the future

Initially at its 2017 launch it will be piloted within the police service, however, both the framework and the web resource have been created in a way that they can be developed and extended to cover all emergency or essential services should they wish to adopt the same approach.

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