We provide support and guidance for all police forces to improve and build upon wellbeing within their organisation. Our services have been developed for policing, by policing and they are designed to meet the unique needs of officers and staff.

We provide practical support for forces in six key areas, they are;

We are a service based on learning and continuous improvement and so what we offer will grow and change over time. The team is working hard behind the scenes of the eight live services staying on top of national and international trends – this helps us look to the future and develop strong relationships to ensure we can continue to provide the most efficient and effective services to the forces that we’re working with.

Our About Us page will give you some more information about what this means in detail.

We want every member of the police service to feel confident that their wellbeing is taken seriously and that they are properly supported by their organisation.

There are some areas of the service that are only available to police forces such as workshops, training events and materials, but we’ll be using the website to promote and share what we’re learning from these events so everyone can get a sense for what we’re trying to achieve.