National Police Wellbeing Service

The National Police Wellbeing Service has been created to provide support and guidance for all police forces to improve and build upon wellbeing within their organisation. It has been developed for policing, by policing and is designed to meet the unique needs of officers and staff.

It provides practical support for forces in eight key areas, they are;

  • Dealing with trauma, major incidents and disaster resilience
  • Psychological screening
  • Individual resilience
  • Peer support
  • Line management
  • Leadership
  • Wellbeing at work
  • Mobile outreach service (Wellbeing vans)

We want every member of the police service to feel confident that their wellbeing is taken seriously and that they are properly supported by their organisation.

This area of the website is accessible to anyone with a .pnn email address so no matter what your rank or role, you can access all of the information and services we have to offer.

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