Smart employers are placing wellbeing at the heart of what they do. In February 2017, the Guardian highlighted some of the best practice for promoting wellbeing in the workplace.

A “wellbeing vacuum” in Britain’s workplaces was highlighted – A time when the number of people experiencing mental health problems is increasing.

A Chartered Institute of Personnel Directors (CIPD) survey found that mental health problems at work, such as anxiety, stress and depression, has risen over the past five years. Only 8% of UK organisations have a standalone wellbeing strategy. Many rely on one-off initiatives instead.

Through a new generation of wellness intervention schemes that go far beyond paying lip service to simple health and safety guidelines, employers are increasing their approach and offering to staff for wellbeing.

Some offerings range from initiatives aimed at tackling the mental health and stress-related problems to more general activities such as fitness, nutrition and holistic therapy.

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