This service area focuses on providing support for policing organisations to embed cultures and practices which facilitate positive wellbeing.

What we offer

Workplace Support

Our team can offer a personalised wellbeing support following an HMICFRS inspection. This support activity will include the following:

  • A pre-meeting with force to review HMICFRS wellbeing specific findings;
  • An on site visit;
  • A review of the Blue Light Wellbeing Framework and supporting evidence;
  • A post-review presentation of findings and recommendations.

We will review your force’s data around wellbeing, specifically looking at the completed Blue Light Wellbeing Framework and other supporting documentation such as staff surveys. A gap analysis will be undertaken, identifying good practice and gaps in provision.

These findings will then be ‘tested out’, with a visit to force, where we will hold a number of focus groups and 1-2-1s to establish the link between the force direction and what is landing with officers and staff. We will then review the findings and present a written report to the Chief Officer Wellbeing lead, together with recommendations and guidance on how to embed wellbeing further in the force.

OH Support and Guidance

The ultimate aim is to facilitate continuous improvement in Occupational Health services, thereby providing positive impacts on the provision of frontline policing. We will do this by:

  • Raising the profile of Occupational Health in policing;
  • Gaining information in order to inform and promote best, safe and effective practice;
  • Improving Occupational Health’s ability to respond to the demands of an evolving policing landscape;
  • Enabling Occupational Health to demonstrate their true value;
  • Ensuring consistency;
  • Enabling community dialogue and colleague support.

Our support and guidance will consist of the following:

  • Access to professional Occupational Health support relating to the Occupational Health specific section of Blue Light Wellbeing Framework;
  • Guidance on the provision of evidence;
  • Submission reviews and gap analysis;
  • Force specific feedback and guidance (face to face if possible) particularly where there are areas of underdevelopment;
  • Access to information via community information space;
  • Periodic face-to-face or webinar events with the National Police Wellbeing Service and forces’ Occupational Health Teams.

Practitioner capability workshops

These two day workshops are aimed at Wellbeing and Occupational Health leads and coordinators. Each workshop will provide those attending the opportunity to gather a good understanding of all of the services that we offer and what that means for them and how they can get the most out of our service for their force.

Availability and Booking

Details of all training and events will be made available on our Events page.

Forces will receive invitations to attend a workshops and booking onto the sessions can be done directly with the team member who sends the invitation, via the website or by emailing