Linda Hindle, National public health engagement lead for Police, Fire and Ambulance Services for Public Health England has written a piece for us to introduce their new ‘One You’ campaign which has launched today and the ‘Active 10’ app.


The summer is a time when physical activity seems easier to fit into our daily lives.  The sun is shining (well most of the time) and the days are longer.  As we move into autumn and winter it can feel more of an effort to go outside and keep active so, here is something to help you keep going.

Active10, the new One You campaign from Public Health England, encourages adults across the country to get more active by building just 10 minutes of brisk walking into their daily lives

Modern day life often makes it hard to be healthy, so it’s not surprising that most of us and the people we work with are not fitting enough physical activity into our days. Sitting down at work and commuting by car or public transport means we’re not active for a lot of the working day. On top of this, technology allows us to shop and stay in touch without ever having to leave the sofa.

However, a brisk ten minute walk can make a huge difference to your health – it gets the heart pumping faster, can make you feel better, more energetic and improve your mood. Over time, brisk walking can help to lower the risk of serious illnesses like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

The One You campaign is encouraging adults to start improving their health by walking briskly for 10 minutes each day.

If you’re looking for help why not download the free ‘Active 10’ app? It shows how much brisk walking you’re doing, when you can increase your pace and how you can fit more brisk walking into your day. It also sets goals and provides hints and tips to keep you going.

50,000 people have already downloaded the app and are on their way to a healthier lifestyle, so why not join them?, I have?!

If you haven’t done it already, the One You Quiz is a great way to assess the impact of your lifestyle on your health – see how you score.

Hopefully you can benefit from this and use your own good habits to support making every contact count (MECC) conversations with the people you work with, your family and colleagues. Making Every Contact Count is an approach to behaviour change that utilises the millions of day-to-day interactions that organisations and people have with other people to support them in making positive changes to their physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

Rather than telling people what to do, Making Every Contact Count is about recognising opportunities to talk to people about their wellbeing using the skills of asking and listening. These conversations increase the likelihood that someone will change their lifestyle for the better. 

So have a look at the Active 10 app and the One You quiz and tell your friends and family about it too.