Dr Jess Miller and the Police Dependent’s Trust have been running a survey to better understand how Christmas and New Year is really experienced in policing.

Over the summer,  Dr Miller reflected on how a hypervigilant, busy ‘Policing Brain’ might not always be the best company for a long-awaited family holiday. She offered some informal advice on Twitter about how to get the most out of time away from work and over 7000 people engaged with that tweet.

Now as the festive season is most definitely upon us, the PDT wanted to understand more about how officers, staff and families can get the most out of Christmas – which, for some, may only be whatever ‘down’ time can be squeezed in between shifts.

The information, which was gathered via a Twitter poll, has now been collated and Dr Miller has created some guidance on how to support the Policing Brain and families, friends and loved ones of serving and former officers over the next few weeks which you can see below.

Download The Policing mind at Christmas

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