Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing Service has won the Royal Society for Public Health’s Health and Wellbeing in Workplaces Award 2019.

The team were nominated for the positive work that has been done over the past two years to create a more proactive service in order to improve the health and wellbeing of officers and staff in both counties. This included launching an Employee Assistance Programme, Wellbeing Masterclasses, Wellbeing Champions, a specialist trauma service and a stress risk assessment. 

The Judging panel said “This is an excellent programme already recognised and rewarded within policing. It demonstrated a very proactive approach, had buy-in from senior teams, and supported recipients non-judgmentally. 

It has a joined-up approach with wellbeing champions, linking to pertinent topics affecting the workforce (obesity, mental health, and so on). Qualitative data based on course and activities feedback is showing early benefits to individuals, the force and the community they serve. These reports are used to support bringing pilot activities into the core programme.”

Lauren Soames, Head of Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing said “To be part of such a dedicated and hardworking team is a real honour; we are all passionate about the work we do and our main priority is to support the officers and staff who serve for Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies.

This is really positive news both within our organisation but also within our local communities to help increase understanding that our police are subject to a great deal of stress and trauma and we need to support them. Within the organisation, I hope that our work continues to impact on the culture of officers and staff feeling confident to speak out about their own mental health and thus reduce the stigma of mental ill health.”

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