Thanks to everyone who joined our first three Individual Resilience sessions. Due to the positive feedback we have received from you we have funded a further three sessions to take place in June.

During this difficult period, work has become different and whatever our roles we are all having to deal with fear, loss and isolation. It’s really important that we try to build up our own resilience to help us face these challenges.

To recognise the increasing pressure key workers and those on the frontline are experiencing, the National Police Wellbeing Service have funded resilience sessions hosted by Bailey and French, to offer you the opportunity to access a FREE one hour ‘Online Individual Resilience Check-in‘. Our next sessions will be on Wednesday 3 June at 2pm, Monday 8 June at 2pm, and Wednesday 17 June at 2pm due to the nature of these check-ins you can sign up to one or all the sessions, it’s up to you.

During these virtual workshops you will join fellow police officers and staff from across the UK to have meaningful communication. You will have the opportunity to share your experience and defuse, through discussion, with peers who you may or may not know. The session will include delegates coming together for a whole group discussion, then individuals sharing their experiences in smaller groups.

People who joined our previous workshops found the session uplifting, they enjoyed just talking to others, discussing their worries and offering support and tips on how to stay positive.

Here’s some of the feedback:

So fab being able to connect with like-minded people across the country.”
“Good effort. Well done. Break out rooms worked really well.”
“Thank you, I enjoyed that on a difficult day.”
“It’s been brilliant, very worthwhile”
“I would bring this to my team meeting this week, it’s a good conversation starter”
“Great to learn how other forces operate and just build relationships with people in areas across the UK. We should do this more often”
“It helped me knowing that it is OK NOT to be strong all the time.”

These workshops are fully supported by the Police Federation.

Using the latest in virtual technology we are making this drop in approach available to all officers and staff.

Important: If you are attempting to join the webinar from a Force computer, you may not be able to download the Zoom plug-in/app. We recommend using a personal device (laptop, phone or iPad) so that you can access efficiently.

Please note that these workshops are interactive, using breakout rooms so that you can connect and talk to your peers. Therefore you can sign up to more than one workshop, as you will connect with different people each time. With every sign-up, you’ll receive free resources on the PERMA model of wellbeing and on psychological capital, which supports building our resilience. 

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