​Officers and staff from Cambridgeshire Constabulary have come together to mark Mental Health Awareness Week.

They have created a short video to highlight their Force Wellbeing Network and commitment to supporting officers and staff with any mental health issues or concerns. 

Their force Wellbeing Champions have been on hand to support staff and there has been lots of information and signposting on the force intranet.

Officers and staff were encouraged to get involved by sharing a quiet moment of reflection or kindness they have seen and taking part in some of the activities on offer. 

Chief Inspector Firman said: “Over the last few months we’ve seen so many wonderful acts of kindness towards both us as key workers and our NHS colleagues. But it’s also important that we’re kind to ourselves and recognise when it all gets a bit too much by taking a break or seeking support. 

“Kindness helps bring communities together and we have all certainly mucked in and been there for one another as a force throughout this challenging time.

“The floods of pictures we received in the making of this video just highlighted again how passionate our staff are about supporting one another which is just great to see.

“Acts of kindness really do help improve mental wellbeing and reminds us all of the good in society that we can sometimes forget. 

“Having a happy and health workforce continues to be at the very forefront of our efforts and I want to take a moment to remind all officers and staff of the support available to you if you are experiencing difficult times. Please do reach out if you need to talk, we are here for you with open arms.”